sleeve tattoos

The armband tattoos or sleeve tattoos are one of the most popular types of tattoos for men and women. There are various designs and ideas available if you want to get sleeve tattoos.

The sleeve tattoos are always on trend; they are definitely eye catching and unique in their own ways. What makes them so attractive is that the sleeve tattoos are easy to show.

The meanings of sleeve tattoos

The meanings behind the sleeve tattoos will depend of course on your chosen design and style. There are sleeve tattoos that are used to represent one's heritage or tribe and culture. There are other sleeve tattoos that represent love, power, authority, and femininity. Black sleeve tattoos are used to relive the memory of a lost loved ones. Wearing this kind of sleeve tattoo means that the person wants to mourn for them for their entire life.

The barbed wire sleeve tattoo symbolizes Christianity or anything in association with the life of Jesus Christ. The barbed wire sleeve tattoos represent the life of Jesus Christ and his Crucifixion. For Christians who wear barbed wire sleeve tattoos, this means that they carry the virtue of faith, hope, and salvation.

There are also cherry blossom sleeve tattoos which symbolize femininity, love, and courage. In Japan, cherry blossoms represent life.

In Hawaii, popular sleeve tattoos consist of water themes and/or elements to symbolize the Hawaiian culture and tradition.

Tattoo sleeves are perfect for bigger designs and ideas, or a collection of various designs put together. Some of the most popular themes for sleeve tattoos are flowers, tribal style, dragons, quotes, and many more.

Top 10 themes for sleeve tattoos

Tattoos are a way of expressing your thoughts and representing your cultures. There are cultures that used tattoos as part of their adulthood rites, tribal identification, warrior marks while some used it for artistic purposes. In the modern times, there are a lot of innovation that takes place when it comes to tattooing in terms of the process and the designs.

So if you are feeling adventurous and bold in getting the best sleeve tattoos for you then here are the top 10 themes to choose from if you are deciding on getting sleeve tattoos:

1. The Celtic Knot Sleeve Tattoo

Celtic Knot Sleeve Tattoo

This kind of sleeve tattoo is also considered as the love knot. The celtic know sleeve tattoo is a kind of ancient design that symbolizes the eternal love for life and humanity in general. Its interconnecting paths are very attractive and offer a very powerful effect when inked on arms.

2. The Floral Sleeve Tattoo

floral Sleeve Tattoo

Aside from looking very cute, floral sleeve tattoos may convey different meanings. Flowers usually symbolize femininity that is why the floral sleeve tattoos are most popular to women. Flowers also symbolize identity.

3. The Musical Sleeve Tattoo

Musical Sleeve Tattoo

If you are a musician or a person who simply loves music, then you should check this out. Musical notes as theme for musical sleeve tattoos are quite popular because it really looks appealing especially when you combine different musical notes in colored.

4. The Work of Art Tattoo

starry night Sleeve Tattoo

If you love art or a fan of a particular work of art by a famous painter, then you can ask your chosen tattoo artists to have it on your arms. One of the most popular work of art sleeve tattoos is "The Starry Night" by Vincent van Gogh. Its colorful and powerful imagery will make your sleeve tattoo stand out from the rest.

5. The Galaxy Tattoo

Galaxy Sleeve Tattoo

If you are interested in science particularly in spaces and planets, then you may try to look for the Galaxy Sleeve tattoo. You may decide if you want to have the solar system on your arms or the galaxy or just plain constellation of stars. This is definitely an out of this world design for a sleeve tattoo.

6. The Travel Sleeve Tattoos

travel Sleeve Tattoo

If you are a traveler, you may want to record or document your travel adventures and stories in your own sleeve tattoo. Some prefer to put the coordinates of the place they have been as well as their travel documents. This is definitely a unique and cool idea for a sleeve tattoo.

7. The Aztec Sleeve Tattoo

aztec Sleeve Tattoo

The Aztec is also an ancient style and is one of the most popular sleeve tattoos in men. The Aztec designs mostly represent fertility, weather, and creativity. It also symbolizes strength, power, and authority.

8. The Native American Sleeve Tattoo

Native american Sleeve Tattoo

This particular sleeve tattoo consists of a rope tied around the arm. The rope has beads such as feathers, bull skulls, dream catcher, and many others. The Native America Sleeve Tattoo represents the Native Americans culture.

9. The Greek Gods Sleeve Tattoo

Greek gods Sleeve Tattoo

You may also consider having the Greek Gods sleeve tattoo. You may choose from the many Greek gods and goddesses depending on the symbols and message that they represent. You may also choose a favorite philosopher with a famous quote from them.

10. The Literary Sleeve Tattoo

literaly Sleeve Tattoo

If you are a book worm, you may give an ode to your favorite literary authors or work of literature. Some prefer to have the whole page on their arms or chosen quotes with the book cover of their favorite novel.

How to pick the best sleeve tattoos for you

When choosing the right sleeve tattoo for you it is important to consult your tattoo artist first if a particular design that you have chosen will fit your arms. It is important that your sleeve tattoo will look good on you to make it more appealing.

Sleeve Tattoo

Getting a tattoo has advantages and disadvantages too. You should also think of the consequences that you may get when getting sleeve tattoo since it is not so easy to cover. If you are up for it, then you should go and have your sleeve tattoo but if you are having little doubts on it, then you should definitely take your time on deciding which kind of tattoo you should get.

Another factor that you need to consider before getting the best sleeve tattoos is the price rate. The sleeve tattoos are quite expensive. You should take a lot of research on different tattoo shops with reliable tattoo artist to make your tattoo experience worth it. You should also take into consideration the commitment that you will put when getting a sleeve tattoo since it takes days or week before our sleeve tattoos will be completed, depending on your chosen designs.

If you have your own design for your sleeve tattoos, do not hesitate to consult your friends and your tattoo artist if it fits as a sleeve tattoo. However, what is more important is that you are ready to embrace your own design because it has a very special and deeper meaning to you.

In terms of color, you should also decide of you want a plain black or colored sleeve tattoo. However, in terms of the pain or sensation, both case have the same feeling.

Another factor to be considered is your readiness and willingness. Getting a full sleeve tattoo takes a lot of time. If you have low tolerance for pain or you hate the needles, you might take a deep breath and think twice. You may try to have smaller tattoos first instead.

As mentioned above, getting a full sleeve tattoo is a commitment. It is really not easy to get one but if you think of its beautiful result despite the pain, then you will realize that it is worth it.

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