Tattoos on the neck are normally made by the veterans of tattoos. It's a very painful part that is usually chosen by those who have already tattooed most of the body and want to try and explore new areas.

It's a very sexy tattoo, both for men and woman, appreciated by those who make tattoos as a reason for living. Among our gallery you can find hundreds of subjects for neck tattoos, from the old school to the more figurative one.

Head Neck Panther tattoo by Endorfine Studio
Back Neck Dotwork Mandala tattoo by Black Star Studio
Heart Hand Back Neck tattoo by Black Star Studio
Shoulder Neck Leaf tattoo by 9th Circle
Back Neck Fly Triangle tattoo by 1969 Tattoo
Neck Breast Decoration tattoo by Bloody Ink
Snake Chest Neck tattoo by Bloody Blue Tattoo
Skull Back Head Neck tattoo by Adrenaline Vancity
Neck Bee tattoo by Adrenaline Vancity
Back Head Neck Decoration tattoo by Fat Foogo
Chest Heart Neck Dagger Wings Death tattoo by Fat Foogo
Flower Neck Rose tattoo by Plan9 Ealing
Neck Dagger Blood tattoo by Black Anvil Tattoo
Neck Rooster tattoo by Good Kind Tattoo
Snake Head Neck tattoo by Kings Avenue Tattoo
Snake Head Neck tattoo by Kings Avenue Tattoo
Japanese Mask Neck Demon tattoo by Logia Barcelona
Flower Back Neck Decoration tattoo by Logia Barcelona
Back Neck Dotwork Moon Mountain Mandala tattoo by Logia Barcelona
Neck Line tattoo by Digitalism
Back Neck Abstract tattoo by Digitalism
Neck Line tattoo by Digitalism
Neck Line Decoration tattoo by Bang Bang
Lettering Neck Number tattoo by Art Faktors
Lettering Neck Logo tattoo by Art Faktors
Skull Neck tattoo by Voice of Ink
Old School Neck Tiger tattoo by Sorry Mom
Flower Neck tattoo by Fontecha Iron
Eye Neck God tattoo by Blessed Tattoo
Neck Woman tattoo by Sam Barber
Lettering Neck tattoo by Wabori
Back Eye Neck God Triangle tattoo by Nissaco
Skull Back Neck Cat Dotwork tattoo by Marla Moon
Neck Bee tattoo by Distinction Tattoo
Neck Horse tattoo by Mefisto Tattoo Studio
Old School Neck Frog tattoo by Forever Tattoo
Neck Diamond tattoo by Secret Tattoo & Piercing
Heart Neck Chin Dagger tattoo by Sacred Tattoo Studio
Realistic Back Neck Owl tattoo by Coen Mitchell
Neck Dotwork Diamond Men tattoo by Michele Zingales
Heart Neck Television tattoo by Ottorino d'Ambra
Neck Dotwork tattoo by Vienna Electric Tattoo

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