Dragonfly tattoo: prosperity, fortune, harmony and change. These are the most popular meanings for the amazing insect. The dragonfly is a creature of the wind. They have iridescent wings, which are sensitive to the slightest breeze, and represent the guarding against unexpected events of life.

Like the butterfly, the dragonfly also goes through a metamorphosis, and this may indicate a change in the life of an individual. It's an insect that lives a very short life to remind us that we must do everything possible to live life to the full.

Foot Dragonfly Water Color tattoo by Bloody Blue Tattoo
Realistic Back Dragonfly tattoo by Jeremiah Barba
Arm Fantasy Dragonfly tattoo by Teresa Sharpe
Lettering Back Dragonfly tattoo by Giahi
Shoulder Realistic Flower Dragonfly tattoo by Tattoo by Roman
Realistic Flower Dragonfly Thigh tattoo by Sile Sanda
Arm Dragonfly tattoo by Mariusz Trubisz
Arm Realistic Dragonfly 3d tattoo by Anabi Tattoo
Realistic Neck Dragonfly 3d tattoo by Rock Ink
Shoulder Realistic Flower Dragonfly tattoo by Artistic Element Ink
Head Dotwork Dragonfly tattoo by Dots To Lines
Shoulder Realistic Dragonfly Compass tattoo by Andreart Tattoo
Neck Dotwork Dragonfly tattoo by Master Tattoo
Dragonfly Dandelion tattoo by Tattoo Br
Realistic Back Dragonfly tattoo by Hidden Hand Tattoo
Back Dragonfly tattoo by Art Corpus

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