In addition to being purely aesthetic, a tattoo of a feather can have different meanings some obvious, some less obvious. Feathers are related to air, as it is the air they were created to glide through and work in harmony with. For this reason feathers are often associated with the mystical qualities of the air itself.

Their symbol represents intellect, will, and spirit communication.

- Flight: feathers are the main tool for the flight, synonymous with the free spirit and lightness of temperament, and an ability to approach life from a privileged perspective.

- Spirituality: feathers are used in many shamanic rituals to facilitate communication between the earthly world and the spiritual.

- Freedom: The expression free as a bird can be summarized with a feather, indicating freedom from cares and social restrictions or emotional entanglements.

Before choosing a tattoo of a feather it is good to make the distinction between birds, which can be used as a reference:

- Owl: symbol of death for some, for others a symbol of intelligence and mystery.

- Peacock: for those who want a very colorful symbol of rebirth, holiness and vanity.

- Eagle: a symbol of the United States, synonymous with freedom and courage.

- Phoenix: to receive a feather from the mythological Greek bird is the equivalent to a promise of eternal life.

Arm Feather Water Color tattoo by Black Star Studio
Arm Feather tattoo by Black Star Studio
Arm Feather tattoo by Bloody Ink
Arm Feather tattoo by Baltic Tattoo
Arm Feather tattoo by Adrenaline Vancity
Arm Realistic Feather tattoo by Invisible Nyc
Arm Feather Fox tattoo by Kings Avenue Tattoo
Shoulder Feather Geometric tattoo by Bang Bang
Arm Feather Dotwork tattoo by Marla Moon
Feather Back tattoo by Davidov Andrew
Shoulder Feather tattoo by Providence Tattoo studio
Shoulder Flower Feather Hat tattoo by Dave Wah
Shoulder Clock Feather tattoo by Blacksheep Ink
Arm Feather Lettering Water Color tattoo by Sacred Art Tattoo
Arm Flower Feather tattoo by Sacred Art Tattoo
Feather Wings tattoo by On Point Tattoo
Feather Side Lettering tattoo by Synergik Tattoo
Feather Mask Thigh tattoo by The Art of London
Feather Back Bird tattoo by Toko Lören Tattoo
Shoulder New School Feather Elephant tattoo by Marked For Life
Arm Feather Women tattoo by Secret Sidewalk
Feather Women Blind Sleeve tattoo by Tattoo Studio 73
Feather Thigh tattoo by Supakitch
Flower Feather Skull Thigh tattoo by Supakitch
Feather Side tattoo by Supakitch
Shoulder Feather tattoo by Supakitch
Arm Feather Wolf tattoo by Supakitch
Arm Feather tattoo by Supakitch
Arm Feather Abstract tattoo by Supakitch
Feather Ear tattoo by Dr Woo
Feather Skull Back tattoo by Dr Woo
Leg Feather tattoo by Obsidian
Arm Feather Birds tattoo by Dejavu Tattoo Studio
New School Calf Feather tattoo by Filip Henningsson
Feather Side tattoo by Михалыч Тату
Feather Back tattoo by Galata Tattoo
Arm Feather tattoo by Julia Rehme
Arm Feather Peacock tattoo by Transcend Tattoo
Shoulder Portrait Feather tattoo by Putka Tattoos
New School Foot Feather tattoo by Tantrix Body Art
Arm Realistic Feather Peacock tattoo by Art Junkies Tattoos
Realistic Leg Feather Chain tattoo by Morbid Art Tattoo

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