The human skeleton is the last memory our body leaves once deceased, unlike the rest of the soft tissues it takes long time to decompose completely. We can list 3 distinct meanings for a skeleton tattoo:

Anarchy: For those who are not willing to compromise with the power and authority of others, a skeleton tattoo conveys a sense of individualism, freedom and independence. Just think of the pirate symbols or riders, who often use it to represent a group.

Respect for the dead: the dead are honored around the world, but the culture that certainly makes the most use of the skeleton image is definitely the celebrated Mexican sugar skulls, another very common artwork in the world of tattoos.

The good luck meaning is used to contrast with the more classical image linked to death. The skeleton can also be used to express enthusiasm and derision toward death itself.

Arm Snake Skeleton tattoo by Electric Anvil Tattoo
Arm Guitar Skeleton tattoo by Good Kind Tattoo
Flower Side Dotwork Skeleton tattoo by Art Faktors
Chest Skeleton Horse Wall tattoo by Art Faktors
Rabbit Skeleton Thigh tattoo by NR Studio
Heart Skeleton tattoo by Wabori
Skeleton Thigh tattoo by Parliament Tattoo
Breast Bird Skeleton tattoo by Alex Heart
Heart Dotwork Breast Skeleton tattoo by Zmierzloki tattoo
Arm Skeleton tattoo by Michael Litovkin
Shoulder Key Skeleton tattoo by Providence Tattoo studio
Arm Dotwork Skeleton tattoo by Silence of Art Tattoo Studio
Arm Skeleton tattoo by Sacred Art Tattoo
Skeleton Sleeve tattoo by On Point Tattoo
Arm Skeleton Card tattoo by Puedmag Custom Ink Tattoos
Shoulder Arm Flower Skeleton tattoo by Victoria Boaghi
Chest Belly Skeleton tattoo by RG74 tattoo
Shoulder Microphone Skeleton tattoo by Herzstich Tattoo
Flower Skeleton Thigh tattoo by Pete the Thief
Arm Skeleton tattoo by Pete the Thief
Arm Skeleton tattoo by Jan Mràz
Calf Leg Skeleton tattoo by Toko Lören Tattoo
Shoulder New School Women Skeleton tattoo by Marked For Life
Flower Skull Skeleton Sleeve tattoo by Antony Tattoo
Arm Skeleton tattoo by Guy Labo-O-Kult
Shoulder Skeleton tattoo by Jun Cha
Arm Skeleton Hat tattoo by 88Ink-Blood Tattoo Studio
Fantasy Skeleton Sleeve tattoo by Jeremiah Barba
Back Wings Skeleton tattoo by Jeremiah Barba
Flower Skeleton Sleeve tattoo by Tattooed Theory
Arm Dotwork Skeleton Abstract tattoo by MXM
Dotwork Skeleton Thigh tattoo by Ien Levin
Back Dotwork Moth Skeleton tattoo by Ien Levin
Arm Skeleton Card tattoo by Eddy Tattoo
Skeleton Sleeve tattoo by Javier Tattoo
Arm Fantasy Skeleton Bicycle tattoo by Elektrisk Tatovering
Shoulder Skeleton Scar Muscle tattoo by Heihuotang Tattoo
Fantasy Snake Leg Skeleton tattoo by Levy Hilton
Shoulder Fantasy Skeleton tattoo by Tim Kerr
Side Skeleton White Ink tattoo by Madame Chän
Shoulder Skeleton Pirate Hat tattoo by Dark Art Tattoo
Skeleton Vagina tattoo by Chad Koeplinger

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