The scorpion is a very solitary insect. It finds its protection in its deadly sting and isolation. It is a suitable subject for those who want to represent a love life that has enjoyed brief moments of deep passion alternating with long periods of solitude. The scorpion is an insect that couples in a unique way. After a long dance the male is given a brief embrace. When the time comes to procreate the female gives only brief moments to the newly born. As soon as the exoskeleton is fully formed, even the young are left on their own.

The scorpion is an insect that can be found from the time of Greek-Roman culture, where it was associated with death: Artemis uses one of these animals to sting Orion's foot, causing his death. Later Zeus himself uses the figure to create a constellation in the heavens. In Tibet and Egypt, instead, it is seen as an omen and is used as an amulet to ward off evil, whilst in Africa it is considered a symbol of healing. Its powerful poison is, in fact, still used for medicinal purposes.

Arm Scorpion Blood tattoo by Chapel Tattoo
Arm Scorpion tattoo by Electric Anvil Tattoo
Arm Scorpion Dagger tattoo by California Electric Tattoo Parlour
Shoulder Scorpion 3d tattoo by Tattooed Theory
Leg Scorpion tattoo by Nazo
Shoulder New School Chest Scorpion tattoo by Marc Nava
Arm Realistic Scorpion tattoo by Yusuf Artik Tattoo Studio
Shoulder Scorpion 3d tattoo by Tattoo Nero
Arm New School Scorpion tattoo by Filip Henningsson
Realistic Back Scorpion tattoo by Skin Deep Art
Shoulder Realistic Scorpion 3d tattoo by Sile Sanda
Shoulder Realistic Scorpion tattoo by Radical Ink
Realistic Calf Scorpion 3d tattoo by Tattoo Rascal
Chest Scorpion tattoo by Amor De Madre
Scorpion 3d tattoo by Mia Tattoo
Shoulder Skull Scorpion tattoo by Miguel Ramos Tattoos
Back Scorpion tattoo by Cesar Lopez Tattoo
Shoulder Scorpion tattoo by Seven Arts
Back Scorpion tattoo by South Dragon Tattoo
Scorpion Neck Cover-up tattoo by Seoul Ink Tattoo
Realistic Side Scorpion tattoo by Body Cult
Shoulder Realistic Scorpion tattoo by Bodliak Tattoo
Shoulder Realistic Scorpion tattoo by Art Line Tattoo

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