The white ink tattoo is a cross between a traditional tattoo and scarification. They are made like other tattoos, but the difference is in the kind of type of ink that is used: as white tends to fade much more quickly, so it must be more full-bodied and used several times to get a good result.

Once healed, you will see a slight scar (we know of its presence because of the touch rather than the sight).

White ink tattoos have properties that differ depending on the type of skin on which they are made, ​​so the results are not always guaranteed. They are also very sensitive to sunlight and, and if not carefully protected, may become discolored unpleasant yellowish.

White Ink Decoration tattoo by Adrenaline Vancity
Side White Ink Mandala tattoo by Hannibal Uriona
Side Skeleton White Ink tattoo by Madame Chän
Shoulder Realistic Rose White Ink tattoo by Mai Tattoo
Neck White Ink tattoo by Medusa Tattoo

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