Nowadays you can get a tattoo on any inch of your body, and the lips are no exception. A tattoo on the lips is a purely feminine prerogative, although the number of men choosing this location is still growing.

Initially, they were used as tweaking of some slight defect, or to satisfy the desire to have more full-bodied lips (or thinner) to view. With the passage of time the lips have also become an area to decorate, the only thing to which we must pay attention to is the extreme delicacy of the area to be treated.

It's important to rely on expert tattoo artists, even better if also piercers, because they understand very well the characteristics of healing.

Arm Realistic Lip Mouth tattoo by Pete the Thief
Realistic Lip Mouth Tongue tattoo by Rich Pineda Tattoo
Blind Lip tattoo by PS Tattoo
Arm Realistic Lip tattoo by Carl Grace
Breast Lip tattoo by Rock Ink
Lip Syringe tattoo by Tattoo Ligans
Kiss Breast Lip tattoo by Detroit Diesel Tattoo
Arm Realistic Lip tattoo by Khan Tattoo
Realistic Lip tattoo by Immortal Canvas
Arm Realistic Lip tattoo by Dragstrip Tattoos

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